Josh Madrid Ideas on How to Outsell And Outsmart the Competition

When you wanted to set yourself away from thousands of others that are thinking of beginning the dropshipping business in the year 2019, you have to have some tricks up your sleeves.

You need to look for the means to become smarter and better than your competitors so that you can operate more effectively and will make even more sales than the usual. How to make this? It is the same way with the champion sports teams, where they are preparing each week through studying the competition:

1. Analyze the product lists – How they are setting up their product lists? What are the photos like? What type of sales copy are they using? Find ways in making yours better. You might spot exclusive selling points you may use or some other improvements that can make the product listings more gorgeous for your prospective customers.

2. Identify the competition – Begin by finding the best sellers in the niche on eBay and Amazon. Also pay attention about how many sellers had been in the niche.

3. Read customer reviews – Have some time for scrolling through the customer review for some of the best sellers within your niche. Pay attention to what the customers liked and about what they are complaining about so you may define the approach to the customer service.

Remember that when you are beginning your dropshipping business, you have to absorb as much data as possible from the many resources possible. The product listings and with reviews of the best sellers within your niche are the ideal place to look for thoughts to enhance on what your competitors are doing.

Although, it is likely to dropship everything starting from toothpicks up to the kitchen sinks, some products are even suitable for dropshipping when compared with the others.

The ideal dropshipping products are generally

1. Not conquered by major brands: What is the primary company that comes into your mind when you thought of the word ‘Apple, Samsung or Smartphone’? These major brands had that Smartphone market on the lockdown and it has been going to be hard for many businesses to compete for only a piece of that pie. The best dropshipping products are not dominated by the major brands so that you may have the best chance of capturing the chunk of a market.

2. Lightweight and small: The common rule is that the good dropshipping products must be able to shape in a shoebox and must weigh lesser. This is to keep you away from paying extra for the shipping.

3. Non-seasonal: Normally, when you are just starting out you wanted to shun from products that are in demand only for a season in a year. These are goods that are being used only at the beach for the summer season and for Christmas decorations that really limits the selling power during those off-seasons in a year. Choose dropshipping goods that are always in demand throughout the year.

4. Retails in between $15 to $200: This price ranges are called as eCommerce “sweet spot”. All things that cheaper than $15, which you are not going to make much of your profit margin and also anything that is over $200 are harder to sell to mass. While there are plentiful of exceptions with this rule, but following it will surely make the dropshipping journey simpler to begin with.

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