Josh Madrid Fast Results Techniques in Dropshipping


In dropshipping, Facebook advertisements are those paid advertisements that will help increase the traffic of the website of your online business. Facebook has been considered as the biggest social media platform in the world. It is the best place to advertise the products as you since you can tap into the huge audience. It is how Facebook crafts its money, so that every client you acquire by this method comes at any cost. The Facebook ads are the best option for the subsequent reasons:

1. A good boosted or ad post will go viral.

2. It is easy and simple to get started and can yield rapid results.

3. It helps to raise brand awareness.

4. You can control how much it is that you are spending each day.

5. You can target the highly-specific demographics such as location, relationship status and interests.


Google ads for the eCommerce have been considered as the most famous search engine in the world. When you have your online store, you wanted it to grade on the number one page of Google. This can be achieved organically, or you may buy advertisements for your online store to emerge at the peak of a page for those keywords that you wanted to rank for. The Google ads are the best option for the succeeding reasons:

1. It is the biggest advertising platform of the online world like Google search, Gmail and YouTube

2. It maximizes exposure to the ads with the high volume keywords connected to your niche.

3. You may achieve the best exposure in search outcomes.

4. You may target highly-specified demographics such as location, language, devices, etc.


The social media influencer advertising/marketing has become the massive huge part of the client acquisition for the retail brands in the recent years. It would play a significant part of any client acquisition strategy in the year 2019. It may be particularly efficient when you are in the trendy niche. For example, if you are selling your new handbag style, you can reach out to the Instagram model and inquire if they will allocate the post with a bag of them and tagging your business. A post may result in a group of new customers and fans. The amount of influence marketing relies on how popular the influence is.

The paid advertisements with fast results:

1. Facebook ads for the dropshipping

2. Google Ads for the eCommerce

3. Social Media Influencer Advertising/Marketing

The free or the slow results advertisements:

1. Blog or the Forum Marketing

2. Content Marketing

3. E-mail Marketing

4. Social Media Marketing

As you can perceive, there are some strategies that will attract customers to go to your store. What is the preferred method of increasing and growing the new dropshipping business?

PRO TIP: You may use the online calculator in determining the profitability of goods that you are thinking to sell. It will deduct Amazon fees from a retail price and will estimate how many staff are advertised each month, and this is the indicator of demand.

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